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tolkienbunnies's Journal

The Tolkien Plotbunny Adoption Agency
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plotbunny (n): idea/inspiration which leaps out of the pages of a book, a TV/movie screen, or the words of a friend, which then proceeds to do its best to gnaw off one of you limbs until you either write the damn thing down or give it to somebody else.

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of being eaten alive by these -- plus I get inspiration from others. Thus this community. What is allowed here:

  • PLOTBUNNIES: Share them or steal them, your choice. You can also post the results, with appropriate credits and an LJ-Cut.

  • CHALLENGES: We're considering a weekly challenge idea, but in the meantime you can lay down your own.

  • REQUESTS: Have a story idea that you simply can't write? See if somebody else wants it.

    Any rating is allowed, as are RPS/F and artbunnies. If your nagging inspiration is in any way related to Tolkien -- Silm, LOTR, HOME, Hobbit, the movies, even other fanfic or a piece of fanart -- bring it on! However, this community is for WRITERS. If you do not write fanfic and are only here to beg people to write FOR you, please leave. Share and ask all you want, but be prepared to actually adopt some of these nasty little critters too.

    Also, a suggestion: keep in mind that a plotbunny is not a full-length detailed plot synopsis but, rather, an intriguing flash idea, pairing, image, etc. Keep it tantalizing and keep it simple. You'll get more response if you do. :)