Ari's imaginary friend (jenlittlebottom) wrote in tolkienbunnies,
Ari's imaginary friend

Obscure Rohirrim Bunnies Day!

-Fram, son of Frumgar, an ancestor of Eorl, slew Scatha the Worm in the approximate year 2000 of the Third Age. Following which the local dwarves claimed part of the treasure of Scatha of their own. Fram said no, sending them only the dragon's teeth, which led to a war between Fram and the dwarves, which cost Fram his life.

So write me:
*The battle between Fram and Scatha
*The death of Fram
*How the conflict was resolved (not mentioned anywhere in canon)

-King Folca, having rid the country of Orcs, went after a great beast called the 'Boar of Everholt', which he slew only to recieve mortal wounds from its tusks. BATTLES! ANGST! GIANT BEASTS OF DOOM! Go to it.
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