Your Mom (agentrosecotton) wrote in tolkienbunnies,
Your Mom

My offerings are not many.

Hello! I'm new to the group. Yey me. ^_^

I have a bunny which I can never write, but which has been hanging from my ankle for...oh...a long time.

-- Merry and Pippin are not allowed to go on the Quest; instead, Elladan and Elrohir, or Glorfindel, or some Random Elves (tm) are sent instead. What happens? Without the hobbits, do they make it over Caradhras? Is the Balrog awoken in Moria? Does Gandalf fall? If not, how is Saruman beaten? Is he? Is Boromir killed? Does Faramir survive Denethor's pyromaniacal frenzy? Does Eowyn kill the Witch-King? Most importantly; With two other hot Elves along, does Legolas have half as many fangirls?

Have fun with that one, guys. ;)
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