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Long overdue...

... but I've been too busy beating the little sods off to post 'em up here. You all know the drill - please adopt:

* Write up a Gondor fic/ficlet which deals realistically with the concept of a depressed Denethor. Depression has both its good and its bad points - one of the main good points is that it can provide a major tool for intellectual or physical focus, even though the sufferer does tend to distance themselves emotionally from people.
* What happened to the ruffians who were driven out of the Shire in the scouring of the Shire? Where did they go, what did they do?
* (Extremely silly) LOTR - cast with a Looney Tunes cast. Blame GreyLadyBast - It's her fault. Blame my ex as well - he enlarged on it. Just write it, and get it the hells out of here.
* (Extremely silly as well) LOTR cast with the Muppets. The human cast show up as the Nazgûl...
* Denethor's story - how would the eruption of Orodruin have affected him (remember, this happened when he was about twenty years old), what shaped him into the person we meet in Return of the King?

Please, just take them *off* my hands.
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