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A couple more bunnies for the pen...

This one won't leave me alone, but I can't write it: Nerdanel would know what happened to Miriel, right? And isn't that a scary thought? So what if she...held back, from her own sons? If she was stingy with her "fea" (whether consciously or subconsciously), that would explain why she was able to bear so many children...and why, in the end, they were more Feanor's than hers. Regrets/thoughts from the lady?

I also think I'd be highly amused if someone created a gay male Mary Sue Tenth Walker who slept his way through most if not all of the Fellowship. Alternately (minus the "Mary Sue" and "sleeping through the Fellowship" angles ;), this could be an interesting serious idea. It's one DR and/or I might tackle someday, but in the meantime it's vague enough that anyone else could grab it too.

Lastly, has anyone ever actually written Arathorn's death? Or Eomund's? I know HOW they died, I've just never SEEN it.
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